It is our aim to reinvent 'fast' food using MOSTLY wholesome, nutritionally dense, local seasonal organic produce that helps people glow from the inside out. We love what we do and are passionate that Moo is much more than another generic ‘sandwich shop’, Moo is an experience, a movement, and in a small way a part of the global food revolution. We are creating a community of rebels who get to enjoy living in the skin they’re in and feel amazing.

We have experienced first hand the very real positive impact that whole, vibrant, nutritionally dense food has upon a body and soul and we feel it’s vital to spread the word, you know, share the love. At Moo we love nothing more than to blow minds and show people that wholesome, healthy food can be ridiculously exciting and yummy, a massive feel good bang for your buck and not just for hipsters and hippies but for every cell in everybody. Nothing makes OUR day MORE than seeing a huge queue out the door of suits, builders, teenagers, mums, and of course the odd dawg!

We are 'everybody', we are  real people with real bodies, real issues, real fears and real (albeit now occasional) love of tequila, dancing on tables, fresh coffee and homemade Nutella. At Moo we know getting addicted to the good stuff is a lifestyle not a fad #GETFRESHWITHUS